How can I contact you?

I avoid "social" media like the plague. Try the GMail address: "desertinacan". I also have an account of Rule34 but I never check it out. This place has a messaging system but I believe it's public so I probably won't use it.

Do you take commissions?

I have a zero-commitment policy. I'm not an artist and this isn't my job. I don't take commissions but I'm open to suggestions. If you'd like me to draw something, throw your idea my way and if I like it, it may become an illustration. A good chunk of what's on Rule34 was suggested in one way or another. There's no guarantee you'll get what you want but you may get lucky.

Can I edit/recolor your stuff?

How could I stop you? Caps lock you to death? Be my guest and knock yourself out!

Do you take donations?

While I do appreciate the intention, I do not take donations.

Can I repost your stuff?

Go ahead if you think you have an audience for this kind of shit.

What's that warning about cookies?

Some have a mad grudge against cookies and JavaScript due to privacy and security concerns: 99% of the time they are used to spy on your browsing habits like an abusive girlfriend and to collect an illegal amount of shit about you. Welcome to the 21st century. I use cookies to know if you acknowledged the bouncer and save your default filters. JavaScript is used to create and filter galleries, display images, and put random quotes in the header... harmless stuff.

Why not go to NewTumbl or Bdsmlr?

As a platform Tumblr is convenient, easy to use and very customizable. If you want to spread your stuff far and wide, it's a good place to be... but it doesn't matter because I only went there to escape Google's puritan mood swings (and we all know how that ended); I didn't like the company's bullshit PR moves, the frustrating restrictions on images size, and the "community" was loud and annoying. So far the alternatives to Tumblr seem to attract the same kind of crowd and I'm fairly certain it's the main reason why I nuked my accounts and took a break. Nah, I'm good with a static HTML page.